F12 N-LARGO by Novitec Rosso

10 Oct 2013 3:33 pm | Cars, Ferrari

If you love Ferrari cars – especially the Ferrari F12berlinetta – then you’re in for a treat. Following a preview earlier this year, Novitec Rosso has officially unveiled their new F12 N-LARGO, based on the aforementioned Ferrari model. It’s excentric, it’s red and it’s off the hook cool! The question is this: if you fiddle around with a Ferrari build, do you end up with a kitsch or an ultra-beast?

Novitec fitted the model with a ton of crbon fiber elements; the carbon fiber wide body kit includes new bumpers, revised side skirts and extended fenders. The car also has a front lip spoiler, a carbon fiber grille and 21- / 22-inch forged alloy wheels with Pirelli P ZERO high-performance tires. The back side gets sexier by aid of tinted taillights and a prominent rear wing.

The Novitec untamed beast has also been equipped with sport springs – lowering the ride height by 40mm – which don’t really go well with speed bumps (as if anyone thinks of that when designing a fast car). Well, Novitec is a sweetheart of a company, because they offer an optional front lift system that raises the front axle by approximately 40mm. Isn’t that cute, but it’s.. quite nice, actually. Thank you, Novitec!

The 6.3-liter V12 engine has been tuned up, outfitted with an optimized ECU and a sports exhaust system, ending up developing 781 HP (574 kW) and 722 Nm (532 lb-ft) of torque – an increase of 41 HP (30 kW) and 32 Nm (23 lb-ft) – not that much, but still an improvement, especially since the Novitec model can reach a top speed of approximately 350 km/h (217 mph). Besides, Novitec gets to brag about improving a Ferrai engine. ‘Nuff said! Who would like to take this four-wheeled red beast on the prowl?!