Ferrari 458 by Misha Designs

20 Mar 2015 6:50 pm | Cars, Ferrari

The Ferrari 458 Italia was already an incredible ride, but LA-based tuner Misha Designs decided it wasn’t enough for them. Theyve’ developed acustom body-kit for the Italian supercar; in fact, two different body kits have been prepared, with the first one encompassing a new hood, front bumper, fenders and side skirts along with a more aggressive rear bumper and a subtle wing.

You guessed it, all these aftermarket pieces were manufactured from carbon fiber, but they can also be purchased individually. Misha Designs has also prepared a limited edition kit, available only for the first 20 customers. This particular one features more proeminent side skirts, while the rear end hosts a different rear wing inspired by the FXX K. The wing blades were interconnected on this Ferrari 458 Italia to create one piece, unlike on the FXX K. What do you think?