Ferrari 458 Speciale by Novitec Rosso

9 Jul 2014 6:44 pm | Cars, Featured, Ferrari

After coming up with a tuning project for a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia, Novitec Rosso has revealed a new program for most powerful and  revered 458 Speciale, which consists of a lightweight body-kit including a new spoiler and blade for the front bumper, carbon-fiber moldings with gill-shaped profile for the rear side windows, a rear wing and a carbon-fiber diffusor with an electrically adjustable center section.

The German garage is supposedly proud of the fact that the hard work not only gives the car a more exciting look, but also results in minimizing negative lift on the front and the rear axles; translated, that means more speed in the corners. Aside from that, the tuner will provide various performance kits, of which the range-topping offer will enable the 4.5-liter eight-cylinder engine to develop 636 PS (468 kW) at 9,250 rpm and 572 Nm (422 lb-ft) at 5,550 rpm. Top speed will be more than 330 km/h (205 mph).

All fine and dandy, but the tuner also considered improving the exhaust system of the Ferrari, which is why the super-car now features two high-performance exhaust manifolds, sports catalysts and a rear muffler, two matte black-coated tailpipes with a diameter of 100 millimeters; since INCONEL, the same material used for the exhaust systems in Formula 1, was used for the build it will obviously result in more power and a hefty sound.