Ferrari 458 Spider by Kahn Design

2 Sep 2012 10:22 pm | Cars, Ferrari

The Ferrari 458 Spider is one of the most amazing convertible supercars in the world and has just caught the attention of UK-based tuners Kahn Design. The reputable tuning firm has already conceived a package for the coupé version of the Ferrari 458, and has recently finished one for the Spider version.

The model boasts with a roof that rolls out from bellow the flying buttresses, entirely crafted from aluminum. The specialists at Kahn Design have installed a set of brand new, huge Monza Wheels that measure 21 inches at the front and 22 inches at the rear, with original Ferrari caps and stunning, yellow brake calipers.

The publicity add of the model, written by the tuner, went like this: “The Afzal Kahn touch comes complete with front and rear sections, ceramic brakes, wing shields, upgraded F1 gearbox and yellow brake calipers ensuring a mighty presence on the road.” We have one question though: where are the supposed wing shield and front and rear sections? The images do not show any of those.

The tuner has also jabbered something about interior modifications consisting of “interior to match the colors of your favorite sports team or your business, complete with a crest or emblem incised within the car seats”. Yet again, either we’re blind, or the images display the wrong car.

[Kahn Design]