Ferrari F12 Novitec N-Largo by ByDesign Motorsports

9 Apr 2014 6:00 pm | Cars, Ferrari

Saudi Arabian ByDesign Motorsports tuning garage is the latest to have fitted the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with Novitec-Rosso’s N-Largo body-kit and performance upgrades. You just can’t ignore that Ferrari and its brilliant shade of yellow with black accents. It would be only natural to fit the Italian super-car with a set of Novitec alloys finished in the same color scheme.

The Novitec-Rosso N-Largo body kit is comprised from front and rear fenders – widened to give the N-Largo a very intimidating stance – while the front and rear bumpers have been modified to accommodate the larger fenders, enabling the F12 Berlinetta to show off that sinister, angry look. But it’s not all about aesthetics: at the rear, the combination of five-piece diffuser on the N-Largo fascia and the large rear airfoil adds aerodynamic down-force at high speeds.

Moreover, the widened side skits and a set of Novitec lowering springs fitted onto the Ferrari make this awesome ride irresistible. And, if you take a look under the bonnet you won’t be able to ignore the upgraded 6.3-liter, 12-cylinder, four-valve engine. The garage remapped the engine management system and fitted the car with high-performance quad exhaust. I’d love to hear how that sounds!