Fiat 500 ‘550 Italia’ by Lazzarini Design

28 Jun 2012 1:12 am | Cars, Fiat

A company from Italy called Lazzarini Design has simply gone mad with their latest project. They probably thought it would be nice to try to fit a V8 engine from Ferrari in the back of the ultra small Fiat 500 and that’s how the ”550 Italia’ program was born.

This stunning project sports an aerodynamic body kit with brand new bumpers, a prominent rear wing, redesigned side skirts, a dual exhaust system, reinforced chassis and an air intake mounted on the car’s roof.

The power is sourced from a rear-mounted 4.5-liter Ferrari V8 engine that delivers 542 HP (405 kW). The engine has a regular output of 563 HP (425 kW) in the car it comes from, the 458 Italia, but in order to optimize the level of traction, the Italian tuner, Lazzarini, had to detune it.

We don’t have yet any performance figures but, since the Fiat 500 is tiny and ultra light, you can imagine that it has a breathtaking acceleration and a crazy top speed. The development process of this car costs a whopping $550,000 (around €440,000), No wonder the brand is currently looking for an investor to spend some cash for the project. What do you think – is it feasible?