Fiat 500 by Hamann

11 Jan 2013 10:58 pm | Cars, Fiat

The tiny Italian car that literally took over the entire world, Fiat 500, has just received a pretty impressive body kit designed by the car tuners from Hamann. We rarely see aftermarket programs for small city cars, but this one from Hamann makes the Fiat 500 even more attractive than it normally is and a lot sportier as well.

This body kit is currently offered in North America by the guys at SR Auto Group and it consists of an aggressive front bumper with LED daytime running lights, wider fender flares to house bigger wheels and tires, new side skirts, a new rear bumper and apparently a also a quad exhaust system that would make the Fiat 500 sound like a racer.

The Hamann Motorsports body kit is priced at just $3,900 and it’s worth every single penny if you want your Fiat 500 to stand out of the crowd.

[SR Auto Group]