Fisker Karma body kit by CEC

5 Sep 2012 8:24 pm | Cars, Fisker

American tuning retailer CEC teamed up with Fisker to design and develop the first aftermarket body kit for the Fisker Karma. It’s going to available via Fisker dealers in the future but it still has to go through a couple of changes until it will be finally released on the market.

Even though it’s not released yet, one lucky owner of this electric supercar has managed to persuade the tuners into selling him this upgrade package. The particular body kit was already mounted on the Fisker Karma displayed at the SEMA show. Luckily, it features the same tone as the buyers’ car, so it could be mounted on it with ease and without any sort of issues, as you can see in the following images.

Although the body kit is exactly the one that was mounted on the display car from SEMA, this particular Fisker Karma sits on a different set of wheels which make it stand out even more.