Ford Mondeo by Loder1899

5 Mar 2015 12:13 pm | Cars, Ford

Loder1899 started as a hobby when founder Josef Loder Senior grew fond of repairing and working on engines and agricultural machinery in his spare time. But this is not about farming, it’s about their latest custom job, specifically this new Ford Mondeo. This regular family car seems an odd choice, wouldn’t you say?

Loder1899 equipped the new Ford Mondeo with a set of 22-inch gloss black alloys, or silver twin spokes and a chrome ring – if you prefer that kind of thing. Prices start at 3,717 euros ($4,210) and they’re by no means low; customers may also opt out for wheel and tire packages, from 17-inches and up.

And, if you plan on upgrading your car, look no further. Loder1899 will provide a lowered sports suspension kit plus exhaust and engine performance enhancements for most of the new Mondeo’s powertrains.