Ford Mustang Stage 3 Kit ROUSH Performance

23 Apr 2015 5:02 pm | Cars, Ford


ROUSH Performance’s stage 1 kit for the latest Ford Mustang Stage 3 Roush was absolutely amazing. It brought no changes to the engine, but several regarding supercharger, fuel injectors and fuel pump and it included numerous calibrations. The result was 750 horsepower. Now look at the title again. The article is about the stage 3 kit.

The stage 3 kit includes several new features. At the front we can find new high flow upper and lower grilles, new splitter, hood scoop and heat extractors which look as good as they work. Under the hood there is the R2300 Roushcharged 5 l which goes well over 800 hp, making it the most powerful version of the current Ford Mustang ever.


You can also go for the TrakPak coilovers which allow height, rebound and damper adjustment.

These improvements have been complemented by several visual tweaks some of which have also influenced aerodynamics and performance. These include new 20” wheels, and graphics, side and rear window scoops, new decklid spoiler, active exhaust, new rear valance and a rear panel with the ROUSH logo.

The price of the improvements which will make your regular Mustang the ultimate one is $21,995.