Ford Transit M-Sport by Carlex Design

8 Aug 2015 8:59 am | Cars, Ford


Ford Transit M-Sport by Carlex Design

Yes, this is the Ford Transit van all tuned up by Carlex Design. Now, Carlex started out as an interior specialists and then moved to complete tunings, so, apart from the extensive exterior modifications, we can expect some seriously plush interior.


Let’s start from the outside. To make a van look more aggressive they added a new front bumper with a large spoiler, LED lights, a new grille, larger wheel arches that surround the 18-inch OZ wheels, rear spoiler and diffuser and a custom exhaust system. The car has also been significantly lowered.

On the inside, this van has loads of leather for seats, upholstery and steering wheel. The black color of the leather is contrasted by blue stitching on the seats, Lucy belts and white dials.

In all honesty this Ford Transit looks a lot better than the original but the choice of exterior colors makes it look like a European police vehicle.