Frozen White Maserati GranCabrio by SR Auto Group

28 Jun 2012 1:26 am | Cars, Maserati

SR Auto Group are back in our attention with another exciting upgrade package, turning a Maserati GranCabrio into a black and white monster, named “Project Aurora”. The upgrade program is not too radical but it changes the car’s look quite a lot.

They’ve applied a stunning white paint job to the car – the officials from SR Auto Group state that the car has been “cloaked in a frozen white exterior, with layers of black that seep through the covers to reshape the whole persona.” From what they’ve said, it seems like they’ve tried to give a strong personality to the model, and they’ve clearly succeeded.

The car also looks a bit sportier now, thanks to the racing stripes it received, in addition to the set of monoblock gloss black PUR 1NE wheels. The feature that extracts the most racing-blood from the model is the H&R Suspension Lowering Kit, which ties the car to the asphalt. What a nice supercar!