Jaguar XKR-S Convertible by Arden

14 Feb 2013 9:44 pm | Cars, Jaguar

The only relatively bad side of the Jaguar XKR is the fact that its engine could develop way more power than it actually does, stock wise. This car should both look like a devil and feel like one. Sadly, in standard, it accomplishes only the first of the two. Fortunately though, Jaguar has come up with a cure, the XKR-S, which delivers 543 HP as stock, much more even than the F-Type V8S, with its 488 HP.

Now, Arden will be taking care of the XKR-S Convertible, design-wise. Even though the specialists behind Jaguar have been thinking of some improvements in terms of appearance, and, above all, have really done some, the German tuners thinks this is just not enough. Therefore, here comes the Arden AJ 20 R-S project for the Jaguar XKR-S Convertible.

The package includes some trim pieces in customizable color, like new hand-manufactured, highly polished stainless steel mesh for the front grilles, mew rear vents, broader side skirts, two-piece spoilers up front and many more. The automotive brand has also installed a set of in-house 21-inch wheels, custom exhaust system with quad tailpipes and an optional leaping Jaguar bonnet trim.

According to Arden, the cabin can also be further customized, while the V8 engine can be fitted with a few upgrades.