Jeep Wrangler Forgiato by Brian’s Motorsports

14 Aug 2015 10:36 am | Cars, Jeep


Jeep Wrangler Forgiato by Brian’s Motorsports

The Jeep Wrangler is a somewhat capable off-road machine. Compared to loads of other “city SUVs”, it might be one of the best off-roaders of the bunch. Well, after these companies have had their way with it, this Wrangler became a hell of an off-road car. It has been changed so much that if the distinctive Wrangler hadn’t been the basis, it would be difficult to guess what is underneath all the changes.


The car got unique body panels that include fenders, grille, doors and pillars, as well as Smitty Bit bumpers. The wheels look particularly well. They are 22” Forgiato units with mean-looking 40” Toyo off-road tires. They work really well with Rough Country lifted suspension. How serious the upgrade is we can see from the fact that just the wheels and tires cost $12,000.