Lamborghini Aventador by Auto Art Chicago

25 Feb 2015 6:50 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

sure, the weather isn’t what you’d describe as pleasant, but that’s what cash are for – to buy a Lamborghini and take it out for a spin. That will definitely make any day sunnier. This project  by Auto Art Chicago will hit the spot, and it involves this beautiful custom Lamborghini Aventador as well as a set of ADV005 M.V2 SL Liquid Smoke ADV.1 alloys.

The Lamborgini is riding on 19 x 9.5 wheels at the front and 20 x 12.5 at the rear, but this particular Aventador also features custom carbon fiber front air intake surrounds, an extended carbon splitter, carbon fiber side air vent surrounds plus a crazy hot fixed carbon rear wing and rear diffuser. The 700 HP V12 beast also features all-wheel drive system, which means icy roads should not be any of your concern. Stay sharp, look good and be awesome instead!