Lamborghini Aventador by Impressive Wrap on Forgiato Wheels

24 Dec 2015 1:53 am | Cars, Featured, Lamborghini


Lamborghini Aventador by Impressive Wrap on Forgiato Wheels

This car is a perfect example of what a cool wrap and several cleverly placed details can do. On the other hand, the same things, when taken too far, can easily spoil even the best car and make it a real atrocity. This Aventador wrapped by Impressive wrap is anything but an atrocity.


First of all, the already beautiful car got a new satin lack wrap. Explaining why this is a good thing is not necessary. If there was a law coming stating that all cars would have to be just one color, satin black would be among top choices. However, cleverly placed details and a set of wheels is what makes this car so stunning.


The wheels are Forgiato’s NAVAJA-ECX and they complement the car’s color and design perfectly. As for the details, “complement” is again the best verb to be used. The burnt orange accents can be found on the front bumper under the intakes, side skirts, mirror caps, a part of the rear fenders, diffuser and even glazing a part of every spoke on the Forgiato wheels. Apart from providing great contrast for the fantastic satin black, they also follow the lines of the design, rather than impose some new lines. This is one of the best, if not the best styling for the Aventador. Perfect!