Lamborghini Aventador by Print Tech

24 Oct 2013 6:00 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

Now, you may be accustomed with Print tech Premium Wrapping to be working – and unveiling – on some off-the-hook German ride, but this time we’re in for a surprise. This one can’t be hidden by a wrap or cute bow: an orange Lamborghini. How’s that for incognito?

Well, actually the Germans are considering this unique This Lamborghini Aventador to be orange red matte chrome, but who the hell cares? The paint job is sublime. It’s like the Lamborghini has been prepared to be offered as bling for one huge male mistake.

How big a mistake, you ask? Well, Miranda Media – whom we thank for these pictures – says the body wrap costs €10,000, the powder coat on the wheels another €1,2000 and the Capristo exhaust with valve control another €1,500. That big! With this Lamborghini in mind, it’s like every woman would hope her man will stray away, once in a while.