Lamborghini Aventador by SR Auto

3 Feb 2014 6:56 pm | Cars, Featured, Lamborghini

Here we are, once more enjoying a ferocious black bull! I’m talking about a Lamborghini Aventador tuners SR Auto have been working on. I’m betting they’ve seriously fiddled around the ca, since it seems like it has had many modifications. Actually, I just lost that bet, since there have actually been very few changes made, although they each make a huge visual difference.

SR Auto first fitted the menacing Lamborghini with some equally spectacular alloys, ADV1 005 Trackspec SL’s, 21″ at the front and 22″ at the rear. Theey really do fit the super-car, finished with a matte black face and gloss tint lip. For added visual impact, the tuners also fitted a PUR Aero Carbon front lip and that very aggressive looking rear wing. This Lamborghini is scary, like a bodybuilder at a contest, all posing and what not. Now, you know that this Italian super-car also sounds as menacing, right? SR Auto installed an extremely raw IPE Exhaust System transforming this Lamborghini in one of of the best Aventador’s yet!