Lamborghini Aventador by Vorsteiner

24 Apr 2014 6:00 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

I’m not sure how many of you have ever driven a Lamborghini – let alone owned one. I’m not gonna talk favorite models and all that other stuff, but I am going to tell you that each and every Lamborghini looks mighty fine, to say the least. But every once in a while we get to enjoy looking at a more personalized car, like this particular one modified by Vorsteiner.

This Lamborghini may look like a factory model, but truth be told that’s a good thing. The Arancio Argos-colored Aventador features the Vorsteiner “V” styling kit, made out of carbon fiber, which includes front splitters, side sill extension blades, a rear diffuser, a sculpted rear wing plus a number of re-trimmed pieces.

Vorsteiner specifically told us to pay attention at the VSE-005 Forged Monoblock alloys size 20-inches in tires 255/30 on the front axle, and 21-inches in tires 355/25 on the rear. It seems the VSE-005 alloys are true directional wheels, using two completely different sides. So, this ride should really feel different on the track.