Lamborghini Aventador Edizione-GT by DMC

10 Nov 2014 6:16 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

Luxury tuner DMC continues to astound me and show off their Lamborghini Aventador projects, whjile having the same effect on any other petrol-head around the world. The garage have introduced their latest one which supposedly has a kind of a classic Batmobile-feel to it, with all those red pin stripes. I’m not sure about that, but I guess we can all agree it’s totally awesome.

The “STAGE3:Editizione GT” will cost you a small fortune, as is should considering the work. Possible takers will have to cough up $288,888 on top of the $400k starting price of the stock Aventador if they want to enjoy and brag about all the cosmetic and performance upgrades seen on this custor car. Carbon fiber was used on all new body parts, from the redesigned bumpers and canards to the vented engine cover and the adjustable rear wing. This Lamborghini also features new alloys, suspension bits, a twin-turbo conversion for the mid-mounted V12 and a customized interior. Totally worth it!