Lamborghini Aventador Estatura GXX by German Special Customs

31 May 2012 11:28 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

Let’s not be quick about it – the Lamborghini Aventador is the most wanted supercar in the world right now – brilliant, stunning and overwhelmingly powerful. The ‘normal’ Aventador looks like perfection on wheels and you might think that you can’t make a perfect car even better than it is, right?

Well, the tuners from German Special Customs thought they could do it and released a special upgrade package for the Lamborghini Aventador called the Estatura GXX. It includes a carbon fiber body kit with a new hood, redesigned side skirts and slightly modified bumpers. Add an adjustable rear wing, a full set of lightweight allow wheels and a state of the art titanium exhaust system and the result is massive.

As for the interior, German Special Customs have added a few carbon fiber trims, additional gauges on the dashboard and nicely contrasting orange stitching. As far as we know, the package has not yet been finished. We’re enthusiastically waiting for news regarding the set – pricing and availability.

[German Special Customs]