Lamborghini Aventador LaMotta by RevoZport

19 Dec 2013 6:33 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

The specialists from RevoZport revealed the LaMotta, a cool and one of a kind aftermarket program for the Lamborghini Aventador. The RevoZport Lamborghini Aventador LaMotta features an aggressive aerodynamic package but also a serious power upgrade. The tuner remapped the ECU and fitted a bespoke sport exhaust system, so now the Lamborghini – actually its 6.5-liter V12 engine – develops 820 hp, 120 hp more than the standard version of the super-car.

The new exhaust fitted on the Lamborghini was made from a nickel-base alloy with chromium and iron, weighing in at just 5 kg. The RevoZport Lamborghini Aventador LaMotta’s body kit includes a new front splitter, side skirts, a rear diffuser and a rear wings. Of course, all the parts are made of carbon fiber, including the hood and the door panels, with the hood weighing just 3 kg. In fact, RevoZport managed to make their Lamborghini a full 80 kg lighter than the standard car. That’s a lot!

RevoZport also fitted the Lamborghini with a set of Klassen ID light alloy wheels, that measure 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear, which are 1.5 kg lighter than the factory ones. No information from RevoZport as to what price tag does this cool Lamborghini LaMotta have, but we’ll find out for you and keep you up to date. In the meantime, check out this Italian super-beast!