Lamborghini Aventador LE-C by RENM Performance

8 Jul 2012 8:18 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

One of the most exciting upgrade programs for the Lamborghini Aventador was recently revealed by the tuners from RENM Performance, a kit called “LE-C” or Limited Edition Corsa. Design-wise, this package will come with a brand new carbon fiber body kit which was inspired by the one-off Lamborghini Aventador J concept.

Next, the guys from RENM took care of the car’s performances and handling and installed a brand new suspension with fully adjustable parts, a new high performance exhaust system made of titanium which makes the sound of this Aventador even more jaw dropping, custom air intakes and an ECU re-calibration.

We don’t have any performance figures yet, but apparently these tweaks will increase the power of the car by 9 to 11 percent. Since the Aventador can develop 700 HP as stock, around 70 extra horses are quite an achievement. The Limited Edition Corsa also received high performance brakes to handle the extra power, air inlets for the engine and brake chambers as well.

New center lock race wheels wrapped in high performance tires were another addition to this car while the interior of the Lamborghini Aventador also received a sportier feel with carbon fiber accents and new ultra light racing seats finished with Alcantara, safety belts and LE-C badges throughout the car.