Lamborghini Aventador Roadster by HRE

16 Jan 2015 6:20 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

The Aventador Roadster may be called a lot of things, but insignificant isn’t one of them. This is one of the most outrageous cars ever made; its power comes from the first all-new V12 engine Lamborghini has built in a while. With around 700 hp sent to all 4 wheels covered in sticky rubber, and with a top speed of 217 mph, you can’t really say there aren too many convertibles faster than this – except for the Bugatti Veyron.

Lamborghini will charge you quie a few extra pennies over the Aventador coupe, and their carbon fiber panels which will have to be removed by hand while the car is stationary. The panels weigh about 6 kilos (13 lbs) each and having to putting them on is a ridiculous. This particular beast willdistract you from all that, thanks to matte black RS101 alloys, courtesy of American specialists HRE.

I’m not really sure, but it appears that this Aventador has also been re-painted. With its roof off, the doors pointing at the sky and the paintwork refleting the dusk sun, this Lamborghini looks simply dreamy.