Lamborghini Aventador Stage Two by SR Auto

16 Jul 2015 2:53 am | Cars, Featured, Lamborghini, Luxury Cars


Lamborghini Aventador Stage Two by SR Auto

Much like many other tuners, SR Auto also often revisit their designs. The second stage of their Aventador tuneup makes this red and black beast of a car look even more aggressive.

The LP-720 bumpers look really well on this car, so replacing the stock ones was a good idea. Carbon fiber rear wing goes really well with the colors, as do the wheels. They come from PUR Wheels and they are absolutely beautiful PUR LX04.V3 model measuring 20 inches for the front ones and 21 inches for the rear. Again, the gloss black color of the wheels really adds a lot to the overall aggressive image of the car.


Suspension has also been altered by employing PUR Sport adjustment arms. New additions also include frequency intelligent exhaust, as well as a few interior modifications such as gloss black trim and beautiful seats with diamond stitching.