Lamborghini Aventador-V by Vorsteiner

19 Sep 2013 7:00 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

I don’t know if you need a cape or not  to drive a Lamborghini Aventador – probably just a huge pile of money – but when tuning company Vorsteiner announced their Dry Carbon Fiber Package for the Lamborghini – you remember – I was thinking that someone over there flipped, and flipped bad. Why would someone fiddle around with this hyper-car?!

Well, now that they’ve revealed the finished product, I’m not eating my world, I gotta tell you. Vorsteiner came up with a very impressive package indeed. The Lamborghini bodykit is named the Aventador-V and features a selection of revised body panels and brand new aftermarket wheels.

The tuner has worked extensively on the car and produced a front center splitter, front grill frames, side vent trim and a front hood trim, all of which are crafted from carbon fiber. Sadly, Lamborghini provide a very limited selection of wheels for the Aventador, and Vorsteiner have picked up on this; this is why they offer very desirable forged 1-piece monoblock wheels.

I, personally, hyper-cars are built with the single purpose to give you the biggest thrill of your life at the turn of a key. Which is why I’d give anytinh to hear that Vorsteiner-developed F1 evolution exhaust system that enhances the Aventadors V12 howl. The very subtle Carbon parts really add to the sharp image of the Lamborghini, while maintaing a subtle and discrete overall look of the car. Sure, you can’t state that the Aventador is unnoticeable, but other body kits don’t seem to be as tasteful as the Vorsteiner Dry Carbon Fiber Package.