Lamborghini Gallardo by Carlex Design

16 Sep 2015 2:03 am | Cars, Lamborghini


Lamborghini Gallardo by Carlex Design

Well, this is weird. Even though this car looks rather amazing, it is bound not to be beloved since it looks like a copy of another car – namely an Aventador. Why anyone would want to make a Lamborghini look like another Lamborghini is a mystery. OK, the Aventador is a big bull, and the Gallardo is a little one, but after this kind of a treatment it looks like a weak attempt of upgrading a car superficially.


So, basically, this car got new bumpers and fenders, as well as new sills and a new paint job. They look great, but, as already explained, they are really reminiscent of the ones on the Aventador. If you are still not sure that this was the idea, just look at the wheels. They are obviously taken from the Aventador.

However, Carlex Design is an interior specialist, so the inside looks great. It is packed with black and red Alcantara and leather with contrast stitching. This color combination, as well as the plush materials, makes the interior an extremely eye-catching and pleasant place to look at and be.