Lamborghini Gallardo by SR Auto Group

1 Apr 2014 6:00 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

Wow! That color is simply mesmerizing, although the rest of this Lamborghini isn’t shabby either. Vancouver-based SR Auto Group have been working on yet another classy ride, and this fresh Lamborghini Gallardo riding on a set of cool PUR alloys is it. Wouldn’t you love to park this super-car on your front lawn? I’d do nothing else but stare at it the whole day.

Well, not really! It seems a terrible waste to allow those PUR RS05 wheels, finished in a brilliant silver color, to rest the entire day. Besides, showing off that bling is just another way of attracting everyone’s attention. This first-gen Lamborghini Gallardo is also featuring an LP570-4 front bumper and Superleggera-style rear wing, which makes it look more aggressive – as if it needed that. I’m totally loving that paint-job; it’s just dreamy! MY dreams are sadly crushed, due to the fact we don’t know the price tag of this Lambo and I couldn’t afford it anyway.