LCI BMW F10 M5 by Vorsteiner

6 Dec 2013 12:49 pm | BMW, Cars

Some people are gonna be damn happy for Christmas, since deliveries of the face lifted BMW F10 M5 have begun. But I think BMW fans and enthusiasts are not that easy to please, although there are plenty of photo galleries with all sorts of modified LCI models. But I think Vorsteiner have got all that BMW tuning stuff worked out; these guys know how to make a good car stand out. Don’t just take my word for it, check out their version of LCI BMW F10 M5.

The BMW was fitted with a specially designed carbon fibre front lip, a new rear diffuser and an additional layer of clear coating. On top of that, there’s the wheels to be mentioned: the VSE-003 alloys, in Texture Black finish, are just awesome! I do love the Vorsteiner design; it’s difficult to work on a BMW and make it sporty, beautiful, sleek and ready for the attack without turning it into a brutal looking vehicle. Now, this is class!