Maserati Quattroporte Black Bison by Wald International

29 Jul 2014 6:38 pm | Cars, Maserati

The Maserati Quattroporte is a very special car; as I remember it, it was the first vehicle to start this Gran Coupe madness and attack a market niche which proved highly profitable for the manufacturers and enjoyable for the petrol-heads. Wald International has decided to work their magic on the very stylish and unique Maserai and unveiled their new Black Bison styling package for the Italian vehicle.

The Maserati now features a new bumper, a carbon fiber splitter, and LED daytime running lights. At the rear, the vehicle has been outfitted with a revised rear bumper, a roof-mounted spoiler, a trunk-mounted spoiler, and a chrome-plated sport exhaust system. Also worth mentioning are the aerodynamic side skirts and massive alloys. The Black Bison package will set Maserati owners back a cool ¥870,000 (€7,735 / $10,650), not much considering the visual impact of the modifications. Please note that the components are also available individually.