Maybach 57 S by A.Kahn Design

18 Dec 2013 6:53 pm | Cars, Maybach

Although I’m sad that Maybach was pulled out of the assembly line, you gotta admit what was one ugly limousine. Sure, it was packed with all he technology and luxury features you could think off and it looked great – from the inside – but when you stared at it for too long you had the strange sensation it was planning to murder you while asleep. But A. Kahn accepted this challenge and the Bradford-based company worked on improving a 2007 Maybach 57 S.

This Maybach features a two-tone onyx-grey bodywork, 22-inch silver-platinum Kahn RS-XF light-alloy wheels – with original Maybach center caps – and a Kahn lowering module for the Airmatic suspension. How lo can you go? The car ain’t exactly new, which is why the 67,721 miles on the clock have lowered its original six-digit price. Better yet, A.Kahn Design is selling this Maybach for a measly sum of GBP 89,875.00. Considering that this is a hyper-luxury car I thinks it’s about right, but remember that this price does not include the “4 HRH” license plate.

Don’t you worry about it, the British tuner has over 60 other exclusive number plates to choose from. Even though the Maybach 57 is now part of a defunct brand and is half a decade old, it is still specced with quite a lot of modern features I was telling you earlier, such as a rear entertainment package or a radar-based cruise-control system. How’s that for traveling in style? Actually, Kahn achieved the impossible here: I am considering telling people that this particular Maybach is looking cool.