Maybach 57S by Knight Luxury

22 Jan 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Maybach

Maybach is long gone, although every now and then there’s a rumor that they’ll be reviving the brand. Who’s to say? I’ll believe that when I see a new Maybach model driving down the street. Until then, we’ll just have to settlefor the older models, such as the one aftermarket specialist Knight Luxury revealed, featuring a new tuning program.

The Maybach 57S you see here is priced at 1 million USD. That’s right! The Knight Luxury team justifies this humungous price tag by fitting the Maybach 57S with a carbon fiber body kit that includes front and rear aprons, a rear diffuser, a new bonnet and boot lid, A-, B-and C-pillars, fenders, and doors. Let’s not forget the boot lid spoiler and a roof wing.

The engine cover of Knight Luxury’s Maybach 57S and the air filter are also built out of carbon fiber. The Maybach was fitted with 24-inch alloys finished in carbon fiber. The wheels feature white pinstripes, reflector-stripes in black and logos on the hub covers; they kinda remind me of the golden era tires. Oh, those are Pirelli tires you see here.

Moving on, the Maybach comes with LED DRLs, LED underbody lighting. The four projectors that project the KNIGHT logo on the ground when you open any door are a nice touch. Let’s talk power, shall we? The tuner fiddled around and increased the output of the Maybach to 712 hp (524 kW), all due to the sports exhaust system with valve control and Rennkats.

Inside the luxurious Maybach cabin the tuner chose a sport steering wheel, a carbon and leather dashboard, a leather upholstery with diamond stitching, and an Alcantara headliner. There are to many carbon fiber trim parts to be mentioned, but we must note the Apple TV module, two iPads, an Apple keyboard, a custom sound system, a rear-view camera, an LTE wireless module, a GPS tracking module and a UV black light system. It’s freaking awesome! If you have a driver,  that is.. and for that money, the tuner should provide one.