Maybach 62 S by Office-K

16 Jun 2015 5:22 pm | Cars, Luxury Cars, Maybach


Maybach 62 S by Office-K

We now have a new Maybach, a car made for those who find the S-Class not good enough, as weird as that might sound. However, the new Maybach is heavily based on the current S-Class which was not the case with the previous one. The old model was pretty much a standalone car, significantly larger and far more imposing than the tanker-sized S-Class. However, it did not do very well in terms of sales, probably due to the fact that it cost far more than the S-Class and, let’s be honest, the S-Class is already as plush as they get. Having in mind the price and practicality, the S-Class made the Maybach obsolete.


Still, for people who loved the commanding presence of the Maybach, there is a significant upgrade package coming from Office-K. The first thing that catches attention is the massive Forgiato NIDDO-M 22” wheels. The new color is pearl white and its cleanness serves to emphasize the massive body of the car with the new body kit. Speaking of the kit, some find it a refreshment, while others feel that it is unsuitable for this kind of a car. Although I don’t dislike it, I feel that the car now looks more Americanized and this really doesn’t go well with the nature of Maybach. As final touches, there are all new headlights, restyling mirrors and a lower suspension, which only serves the styling, while in terms of ride quality, it can only worsen the smooth sailing.