McLaren 650S Spider by LP Auto Gallery

13 Aug 2014 6:18 pm | Cars, McLaren

The McLaren 650S can easily be considered to be part of a class of its own. It’s fast, it’s beautiful and way more technologically advanced than any ride on the market; although, I’m not so sure about the Koenigsegg. The team at LP Auto Gallery have accepted the challenge of customizing the 650S; the Chinese tuning garage decided to offer up something really different and replaced the standard wheels with a set of forged PUR 5IVE alloys

As with most super-cars, the McLaren looks way better with larger alloys at the back, so we have 19 x 8.5 inches at the front and 20 x 11 inches at the back. And the clear view provided, the massive carbon ceramic brakes can be easily noticed. Gloss black was used to discretely complement the white body of the British super-car. And, as a surprise, this is the i version McLaren, not the 650S coupe.