McLaren P1 by Impressive Wrap

9 Jul 2015 6:42 pm | Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars, McLaren


McLaren P1 by Impressive Wrap

Whether you like you’re not, this Impressive Wrap’s take on the McLaren P1 is amazing. It is said that the two-tone design was influenced by the colors of a poison dart frog from the Amazon and we have to say that this is a sleek looking frog.


As you can see, the car is black and yellow. The original color was black and it included beautiful black matte wheels. The stunning visual effect comes from a number of cleverly placed yellow accents that complement the shape of the car. Every large black surface has a tastefully designed yellow section which emphasizes the shape. For example, the hood has yellow scoops, the roof school is yellow is well, as is the thin lip line at the bottom of the front bumper. I also really like the yellow line that hugs the headlights and goes back towards the windshield splitting into a line that the ends with a yellow side mirror and a line that goes over the roof to the back of the car. A special touch is also the yellow brake calipers.

The interior received the same kind of colored design and idea.