McLaren P1 by Wheelsandmore

23 Jan 2014 6:14 pm | Cars, McLaren

You couldn’t find someone to hate McLaren cars even if you wanted to, especially if we’re dealing with the very attractive and very expensive McLaren P1. How about the tuned versions? It seems this particular model is becoming the perfect canvas for numerous enthusiasts; today’s artist is the team at Wheelsandmore. The tuner has gone to work on the super-car and came up with.. this.

Please keep in mind that this McLaren is a million Euro ride, so you don’t just start stripping away and fiddling randomly under the bonnet. So, the German tuner went slow and fitted the McLaren with a new set of wheels. No clue as to the size of the price-tag since it will only be revealed to those that are actually interested in buying them. The wheels you see here were actually designed to match the vehicles’ white look, boasting a unique center-lock design, measuring 20-inch up front and 21-inch out back. The F.I.W.E wheels are lightweight so they don’t effect the P1’s dynamics, but I’m expecting for the tuner to do better than this next time.