Mercedes A45 AMG by RevoZport

9 Dec 2013 6:08 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

I’ve loved the new Mercedes A-class since it’s been announced; I remember reading about its performances in magazines while enjoying some nice, teasing pics of the vehicle. Sicn ethen, they’ve been launched and have been driving along the highways to annoy me, probably. There’s a wide range of models and engine options, but when you talk Mercedes and mention “Black Series”, it’s understood we’re dealing with a super-car.

Such is the case here, where someone spotted this sexy Mercedes A45 AMG “Black Series” by RevoZport and you have to admit it looks damn cool – although, I’m more excited about the engine sound and ride. Back in June, tuner RevoZport released a body kit for the W176 A-Class and add some more ponies under the bonnet. That same RZ-A body kit – made from carbon fiber – has been fitted on the powerful and potent 360 horsepower Mercedes  A45. The aggresive design fits the compact car, and the yellow color is actually a wrap, while the Brabus alloys, red calipers, tinted glass and a black grille will scare off any pedestrian out there.