Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury in Motion Concept

23 Apr 2015 5:32 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury in Motion Concept, Mercedes-Benz moves boundaries of the automotive industry – this is an axiom. Their latest creation is the ultimately plush vehicle called Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion Concept and, you’ve guessed it, it moves boundaries in the luxury vehicle arena.

This concept is an idea for Mercedes-Benz which portrays their idea of a futuristic self-driving car. At the presentation organized for journalists the car was controlled by an iPhone application and it worked like a charm.


This being a self-driving concept, most of the features are about the interior. The floor is made of wood and aluminum and leather chairs which you can move around and adjust in numerous ways resemble the ones you can find in stylish living rooms and lounges, rather than cars. Loads of 4K touch or gesture controlled screens can be found on the dashboard, in doors and walls. The screens can even show the scenery of your choice.


How far they were going with comfort features we can see from the fact that the screens sometimes show moving particles which are there to, among other things, reduce motion-induced sickness.

Having a self-driving car might seem a bit detached from the surrounding area and this often scares people. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz has installed LED panels at the front and rear so as to inform the people around the car of its understanding and intentions. For example, if a pedestrian is standing close to the car and the car thinks that he wants to cross the street, it will project a crosswalk and add voice info telling the pedestrian it is safe to cross the street.

This is just a beginning of the technology and just a glance at the F015’s current features, so we have to wonder what comes next.