Mercedes-Benz G500 Convertible by Brabus

2 May 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

Whenever German tuner Brabus announces a new project, you know it’s gonna be a good day, no matter what! And, since it’s Friday, we need a breath of fresh air to keep us alive until 5 pm, so let’s all take a closer look at the complete aftermarket package developed for the Mercedes-Benz G500 Convertible. It looks cute, yet menacing; strange combination, isn’t it?

Brabus has fitted the SUV with a new front bumper, which includes fog lights and LED daytime running lights, steel running boards, revised front sports grille, flared wheel arches and an updated rear bumper with a faux diffuser. At the back, the LED brake light and Brabus spare wheel will keep everyone safe and sound, while the metallic black paint states the obvious: don’t mess with it!

Brabus and their predilection for black themes is something of a natural direction, which is why inside the cabin the G500 Convertible received perforated leather upholstery, a sports steering wheel, piano black and carbon accents, as well as logos and badges just to make sure no one forgets what’s what. Obviously, Brabus also fiddled around under the hood, improving upon the engine and enabling it to output 462 PS (340 kW) and 615 Nm (453 lb-ft), but then you feel that power and enjoy the typical sound, you will not even care about the 11.7 mpg US (14.1 mpg UK or 20 liters / 100 km) urban fuel consumption. This wasn’t meant to be a Prius, after all.