Mercedes Benz S-Class Brabus Rocket 900 Full View

10 Sep 2015 1:05 pm | Cars, Featured, Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes Benz S-Class Brabus Rocket 900 Full View

Yes, this is a Brabus based on the S65 AMG W222 which is already one of the best (and for me the best) luxury saloons in the world at the moment, with its about 620 horsepower coming from a 6 l V12 with two turbochargers for a 0 to 62 run of just above 4 seconds, while bathing in ultimate interior luxury.


Well, since it’s a Brabus the ‘900’ in its name actually stands for the horsepower count and the Rocket in its name actually serves like a very good description of the car. The engine had to be severely changed to withstand this kind of power so the car now gets altered turbochargers and intercoolers, new pistons and connecting rods, completely new exhaust system and, of course, a software to control all this.



The car is so powerful that they had to cut a third of torque just to help the heavy-duty gearbox deal with such power, so the engine gets 1,000 Nm of torque instead of about 1,500 Nm.

All this translates to the top speed of electronically limited 350 km/h and acceleration to 100 of 3.7 s and to 200 km/h of about 9 seconds. This car is actually faster than many two-seat supercars.