Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG by Brabus

27 Nov 2013 12:33 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes SLS 65 AMG Roadster is the most expensive and most powerful roadster in the current Mercedes-Benz open-top lineup. Cooler than the SLS AMG Roadster and more powerful than the newly-released SLS AMG Roadster Final Edition, this Mercedes is a head turner – if not by the aid of its looks, then by the sound of its growling engine. There are no less than 630 hp (621 bhp) and an electronically-limited torque of 1000 Nm (738 lb ft) under the hood, where the six-liter, twin-turbocharged V12 rests comfortably.

Now, surely most of Mercedes customers are satisfied, but not the Brabus fans; oh, no! That’s been a unique and extreme niche for years, one that Brabus has successfully exploited, which is why they’ve come up with a project even more insane than the SL 65 AMG. So, here it is, coming straight from Bottrop, Germany, where the Brabus team has been working on unleashing the true potential of that V12.

Let’s put it bluntly: 800 hp (789 bhp) and 1420 Nm (1047 lb ft) of torque – had to be electronically-limited to “just” 1100 Nm (811 lb ft) in order to prevent the transmission from disintegrating. I honestly can’t imagine putting all that power to good use, unless you’re on the track. Luxury enthusiasts will not be disappointed, either. Brabus pulled out its magic rabbit again, designing this outstanding leather filled interior – just looks at those stitches!