Mercedes S-Class CS50 Versailles Edition by Carlsson

7 Mar 2014 12:25 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

Goldmember, Goldfinger, gold rush.. You get the picture, and so does German tuning specialist Carlsson, by the looks of things. This is the very exclusive and very limited Mercedes CS50 Versailles Edition, based on the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. And, yes.. everything that shines on this car is actual gold which makes me wonder.. how do you wash and where do you park this bad boy?

Now, that’s a strange name for sch a ride, but it seems that it was derived from France’s King Louis XIV (1638-1715) and his lavish Palace of Versailles. It seems European values are really appreciated  in the East, since Carlsson has developed the CS50 Versailles for China’s ultra-wealthy ‘Taipan’ client. More than 10 of these 25 limited edition gold jewels have already been allocated to existing Carlsson clients, even before its official unveiling.

Curios about the price-tag? Well, I think you’re better off without finding that out, but since you asked: this Mercedes will set you back between €268,000 and €395000 (US$370,100 – US$545,500), depending on the S-Class version and the optionals. So, what makes this S-Class worth the money?

The body panels of the Versailles Edition take some time to complete and I’m betting those wafer-thin gold leafs sized 80mm x 80mm need some steady hands. Inside the cabin there are a total of 278 golden components, while 30 are on the bodywork. More than 100 man-hours were spent to apply €12,000 (US$16,500) worth of 985 gold on the interior. Customers may also opt out for 20-inch wheels shod in 245/40ZR20 tires on the front and 285/35ZR20 on the rear axle. So, Im curious: is this car worth its weight in gold?