Mercedes S-Coupe by Wheelsandmore

2 Apr 2015 6:05 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

This probably is the most thorough upgrade package for the Mercedes S-Class Coupe (W222 / C217) ever. Wheelsandmore have really outdone themselves; there is no silly body-kits here, only serious petrolheads need apply. So, what is there to talk about, aside from the cool stripe and those fancy alloys?

The Wheelsandmore Mercedes S-Coupe comes with 21 and 22-inch multi-piece wheels, with individual color and surface finish, which cost anywhere between 10,000 and 14,000 EUR. Furthermore, the chassis has been improved through the use of Wheelsandmore special lowering module “LowMaXX”, which comes with an optional iPhone app for remote control of the ride height. This means maximum lowering at low speed and automatic lift-up at 70 km/h.

The custom Mercedes S-Coupe includes new exhaust systems, air intake systems, and chip tuning for the S600, S63 AMG and S65 AMG models. The exhaust system is a weight optimized, valve-controlled system with 3 programs: race, cruise, sport. The ECU upgrades usually mean more power; such is the case for the S600 (from 530 hp / 830 Nm to 585 hp and 910 nm), the S63 AMG (to 630 hp and 975 Nm in Stage I and 700 hp and 1100 Nm in Stage II) and the S65 AMG to 708 hp and 1100 Nm.