Mercedes S63 Coupe by MC Customs

20 Mar 2015 12:48 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

Miami-based tuner MC Customs and Vellano Wheels have teamed up to once again blow our minds, and probably our wallets. The incredible team garnished this beautiful Mercedes S63 Coupe AMG with a set of fancy alloys, and I have to sway: it look pretty awesome, to say the least. I’d g oso far as to say that it’s right on the edge between cool and kitchy, just in the right spot.

The Mercedes S63 Coupe is worthy of attention to detail and the proper, talented people working on it; ou can’t just turn up at a wheel shop and bolt on some ugly rims. Obviously, a bit of suspension adjustment might be just what the doctor orderedm, the tuning doctor that is. This is why we need expert tuners like MC Customs to do things properly.