Mercedes SL Avalange GT-R by JMS and PIECHA Design

10 Mar 2014 12:40 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

JMS and PIECHA Design have been working together on this Mercedes SL Avalange GT-R, since the teams considered the convertible quite boring. I’m not commenting on that, so let’s check out what these people have designed to add some flare to the Mercedes. The Avalange GT-R has been equipped with a new front bumper, a revised grille and LED daytime running lights.

This Mercedes is looking cool, as if untouched by non-stock hands which should be a good thing. At the back, you’ll notice aerodynamic side skirts, polished aluminum side fins and a rear spoiler. The convertible was also fitted with a sporty rear bumper and a stylish diffuser. Full details haven’t yet been revealed, you’ll have to wait until April for that. You shoul be prepared, though, since the package is expected to cost approximately €12,000 ($16,570 / £9,890). Customers may also opt out for performance upgrades, a sports exhaust system, suspension modifications and new tires and wheels. Now, that doesn’t sound boring at all!