Mercedes SLS AMG by Prior Design

16 Feb 2015 6:31 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

The Prior Design team was thinking they’ve been missed, so  they’ve come up with their new PD900GT wide body-kit for the Mercedes SLS AMG. I guess we can easily handle a bit of awesomeness, and since this supercar looks aggressive, the tuned-up model couldn’t have gone in a soft direction. It now features a new front bumper, a front splitter and canards.

The Mercedes SLS also features a ventilated hood, aerodynamic side skirts and widened fenders. The sporty accents comntinue at the back, where a prominent rear wing, a new rear bumper and an aggressive diffuser make our day. The wide body-kit looks great, although I’m not able to tell you what it costs. Sorry!