Mirror BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe by Hamann

6 Sep 2013 5:23 pm | BMW, Cars
I don’t think anyone could’ve imagined how sick the two-door sinister-looking and shiny Mirr6r BMW M6 F12 Coupe would look, but the people at Hamann did and showed it off at the Geneva Salon this past March. And, maaan.. is it awesome! I can’t quite put my finger on it, as to where the inspiration came from, but I now one thing – it’s pure evil. It’s like the BMW from the Dark Side; I also hear they have cookies.

But now, it’s rumored that the German tuning outfit will present a similar take on the four-door 6-Series Gran Coupe at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Wasn’t noe Dark Beast enough? How will be handle the other? IT would seem only fit that no photos or any specific details about this version of Hamann’s Mirror BMW 6-Series Grand Coupe are available, but I’m not expecting extreme differences. If there were, we’d be dead.

NO question about it: that BMW is awesome! – combining an aggressively styled aero package with blistered fenders and bumpers, with a chrome wrap finish. I do expect engine and chassis updates; anything else than perfection from Hamann would be disappointing. Hamann said that in another world premiere, it will also show a brand new customization program for the Lamborghini Aventador. Looking forward to both them projects, but in the meantime.. let the Force be with you!