Nissan GT-R by ADV.1

23 Apr 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Nissan

Not really obvious at a first glance, but the Nissan GT-R and McLaren 12C/650S are  similar; they’re all incredible ways to go around the track, yet are refined and comfortable enough to be enjoyed on a daily basis. I’m not here to tell you which one is better – that’s usually up to the owner – but these sports cars definitely look better with aftermarket wheels and a few visual and aerodynamic tweaks. No argue there!

Check out this satin black Nissan GT-R and tell me it’s not worth your time. Looking like a ferocious track destroyer, this Nissan is actually driven on a daily basis. Featuring numerous performance improvements, like a new lowered suspension, massive rear wing, prominent carbon fiber front splitter and bronzed ADV.1 wheels, this GT-R will certainly turn quite some heads around town.