Nissan GT-R by Prior Design

3 Jun 2015 6:34 pm | Cars, Nissan

Prior Design  Nissan GTR 03

Nissan GT-R by Prior Design

No, the title isn’t wrong and yes, the car in the images before you has not been tuned by Liberty Walk. Although Liberty Walk is famous for wide body kits and although we have seen their take on the GT-R recently, this creation does come from Prior Design.

Prior Design  Nissan GTR 09

The wide body kit includes loads of changes, such as front and rear bumpers, the front one boasting huge intakes, side skirts, lip spoiler and 21” alloys. Moreover, the kit includes a large diffuser.

However, the changes are not all cosmetic. The 3.8 l V6 aided by two turbochargers now chunks out a whopping 720 hp and 820 Nm of torque. Even the beastly Nismo is at 600 hp, so 720 hp is a massive increase. There are no words on performance figures, but we see little significance in actual figures, since it is surely fast enough.