Nissan GT-R by Switzer Performance

17 Jul 2013 4:34 am | Cars, Nissan

Renowned as Switzer Performance’s most precious car, the Nissan GT-R has once again targeted by the famous tuning brand. Let’s check out the results!

The tuner, currently based in Ohio, US, describes its latest work as the “most track-focused Nissan GT-R”. In fact, the upgrade kit is a combination between a series of upgrades developed along the years and the engine of the Ultimate Street Edition, which develops almost 1,000 HP.

In case you’re willing to spend an extra $29,900 to improve your GT-R, you’ll have it fitted with an aerodynamic body kit, track-biased suspension, composite racing seats, track-designed Toyo R888 tires and sturdier brakes with carbon-nano brake pad compound. The aerodynamic kit encompasses a front splitter, rear wing and brand new hood, all crafted from carbon fiber.